What Does it mean to be upRouted?

by Melinda Uno

Traveling through areas with some of the highest rates of crime and femicide in the world, the challenges and risks of moving by motorcycle will be many, but not insurmountable. Met with the full spectrum of reactions - from words of caution and skepticism to encouragement and awe - it is becoming quickly apparent to the group that while many motorcycle movies have been made before, this particular story is unique. 

With an emphasis on international women motorcyclists, the subjects of the story of "upRouted" will entertain and also provoke the question: what does it mean to be "uprouted"?

The word is defined differently according to each member of the group. While for some it means an act of defiance, for most it is about self definition and discovery.

* * *

Below are each of the members' definitions, in their own words:

"upRouted means to me that you have a past, you have roots and they run deep but you can also challenge yourself and place yourself in a new environment and see what happens. We are not denying our roots, we are saying you can be more.
I love that image, a tree with roots that run deep being pulled out and placed in a new part of the forest. You are raw but start growing in this new place. I also like the word "Routed", you might not know your route but you have a direction and a place that you are searching for. You may have already found somewhere you belong and you can go back to - but you also want to see what’s around the corner, what the unknown has in store.
We are embarking on a 4,000 mile journey through Central America. There are two parts to upRouted: one is the journey itself and how that will affect us and change us, who we would meet on this journey. Just to do it! The second part is connection with other women and motorcyclist internationally. To show ourselves and the world how cool this community is. We are all human and I relish that connection. That excitement for that connection overweights all the fears I have for this trip. meeting other women and making that connections and how do we do that, the other half of the story - Kimber

* * *

"It means 'Fuck that shit, you can do better'; it’s about not letting your attachments and hang ups prevent you from realizing your dreams" - Ryan

As a black, female rider upRouted means pulling myself away from the stereotype that riding has little substance to offer my demographic.

* * *

"To me, upRouted means to take hold of where you grow and what nourishes your life. For motorcycle riders, we have learned to embrace a new found confidence in our movement through the ever changing routes we take. As a black, female rider upRouted means pulling myself away from the stereotype that riding has little substance to offer my demographic. We are embracing an open road together and finding others that have found community and adventure in being upRouted" - LeeAnn

* * *

"upRouted to me means getting up out of an old habit and growing into a new one, like a snake shedding it’s skin every so often to renew it’s sacred home. - Lorey

* * *

upRouted means getting out of the monotony of conventional societal expectations, literally pulling yourself out of a limited and defined role to be who you want to be. Why upRouted? Because of the amazing and talented people that are its makers, because of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell this fantastic story.