LeeAnn was raised in Moreno Valley, California...

and relocated to the City of Riverside at the age of 17. A natural enthusiast for movement, she moved to Anaheim, then Los Angeles in 2009 (where she earned her motorcycle license), before arriving in Oakland, California, to obtain her BS in Marketing in 2014. Despite concern from family and friends, she decided to commit and advance from riding her humble scooter and purchased her first motorcycle, a 2012 Classic 500cc Royal Enfield. “I had originally chosen the brand in 2009 and I knew it wouldn't be gentle,” LeeAnn explained, “I wanted to earn my stripes.”

Though she has ridden her scooter for a number of years, a larger bike was still an intimidating prospect. Regardless, in 2014 she took a leap of faith. She quit her job, ordered camping gear, sublet her apartment, and one week later loaded up her Enfield to set out on what would be a one-month motorcycle trip alone. The trip would eventually take her from the comforts of the San Francisco Bay area, through the states of Oregon and Washington; over the border to Vancouver Island, Vancouver City, and Whistler in British Colombia; out to Jasper in Alberta, and come to an astounding end in Hyder, Alaska before returning to Oakland, California.

“Along the way I met the most dynamic riders,” she continued, “but it took time before I opened up and the stories flowed freely.

 Just as I was turning back to head home I ended up meeting a woman in her 30s that had been riding alone for two months. Her stories, challenges and resilience were jaw dropping, hilarious and truly inspiring. Since I’ve returned I have been on the hunt to meet more women with knowledge to share. As they tell their stories, I’ve often found that many women motorcyclists see their tales as mere campfire conversation; overshadowed by their male counterparts.

I am embarking on this journey to document the untold stories of such riders. I want to bring a face to the women who inspired people like me to push our endurance, shake our fears and hesitations, and develop not only a confidence of self but also help us embrace an unshakable sense of community.”
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