Ryan is going on this trip.  

Ryan is “so January 2016.”  Ryan is neither here nor there.  Ryan has no idea what he is doing but keeps trying anyway.

Ryan cares decadently, as though he may run out of things to care about at any moment.  Ryan believes in you exactly as much as you believe in yourself.  Ryan worries about your health from time to time.


Ryan was born with a stainless steel spoon in his mouth.  Ryan is wont to forget his place (or intentionally forgo it).  Ryan is irresistibly drawn to your aura of immediacy.  Ryan may think too much for his own good, if such a thing is truly possible.

Ryan is two sides of the same, lucky coin.  Ryan can’t wait to drop everything and tell you about it later. Ryan isn’t a mind reader.  Ryan knows (for a fact!) that two plus two makes for (a good time), even if it doesn’t add up.  Ryan wishes he could see what you see, and vice versa. 

Ryan wants to help, in the truest way possible.  Ryan is learning; about you, and how to learn about you. Ryan is trying to be a parachute working at it’s best.

Ryan is going South and he wants to travel that dusky path with you, hand in hand.  Ryan is finished, for now.

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