One of my earliest, most vibrant memories is riding on my dad’s motorcycle...

through the bay area when I was six years old. I remember “driving” the motorcycle, my dad letting me grab the throttle and pull, as the engine roared to life. At such a young age, that power and movement was magical. Of course he had it in neutral the whole time, so I only thought I was in control, but still that sound was exhilarating, I was hooked!

It wasn’t until I was in college in Monterey that I finally found the courage to buy my own bike. My first love was a Suzuki GS 500 named “Vincent.” Vincent and I would explore the beautiful Big Sur Coast along Highway 1 and with Laguna Seca in my backyard. My college years was where my love for bikes exploded.  I currently ride “Ernesto,” a lovely Honda 919.  He has been my companion ever since I moved to San Francisco in 2011.

My mom was the one that taught me the value of travel, to go out and see places for yourself. To make your world, the world. She was the one that inspired me to tap into the voice inside my head, telling me to, “Just go!” My mom taught me to not be afraid of the world, and has given me the strength to follow through with my passions. She always said that I had a story to tell and I plan to live my life creating that story.

Red and Beverly Neely, 1945

Motorcycling to me is like flying! There is no cage or protection, you are out in the elements and it is raw. You can feel the vibration in your chest, in your heart, and in your soul. This combination of moments, rubber and exhaust permeating the air, seeing riders move like water across the tarmac, a fellow traveler waving to you from their bike, the journey ahead…. This is what freedom feels like, and I want everyone to be able to taste it!

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